What Paintball Gun Hurts The Most

What Paintball Gun Hurts The Most

Paintball is an interesting field because few people are familiar with it and the requirements differ substantially from those in most other fields. People actively shoot each other in this activity, which makes it simple for injuries to happen. Of course, an endless list of safeguards and regulations is associated with preventing injuries. Most people still find it difficult to understand because it differs from everyday experiences.

Below, we’ll go over all there is to know about paintball guns, including which one hurts the most. As straightforward as this may seem, there is a lot of knowledge about paintball weapons and what paintball gun hurts the most, which most people are unaware of. There are several things to think about, many of which can be examined in the best detail for more information. Let’s get started!

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What Paintball Gun Hurts The Most

High-caliber paintballs that are challenging to break on impact will cause the most discomfort, and that makes sense. The most painful paintballs are 68 caliber and reusable.

You should use lower-caliber paintballs if you want less unpleasant options, as higher-caliber paintballs are thought to be the most painful. Perhaps you’re unaware of the basic characteristics of a paintball gun and a paintball. You’re probably already using the most agonizing paintballs conceivable because your guns are 68 calibers.

Depending on its caliber, you can only use a certain number of paintballs with a certain paintball gun. The heavier paintballs in your upcoming match will reflect the greater caliber!

What Paintball Gun Hurts The Most

How Caliber Impacts Performance

It’s critical to consider how caliber affects a paintball’s shape and size. Paintball calibers vary in terms of their kinetic energy and velocity. Please consider how the velocity and speed of the paintball guns as they are barreling toward your opponent will be affected by the caliber of your paintball handgun and your paintballs.

★    Velocity

A paintball will leave the paintball handgun and travel to its intended target more quickly if it is smaller and lighter. Therefore, lower-caliber paintball guns have excellent precision, especially when shooting at an opponent who is moving. Paintballs are not ejected nearly as quickly from paintball guns of a higher caliber.

★    Impact

After the trigger is pulled, a paintball experiences a lot of physical impacts. Higher caliber paintballs impact with greater force because less force is required to launch them from the gun. This may impact how painful it is to be struck by one.

★    Breakage

The speed and impact will impact how easily the paintball will shatter when it makes contact. A paintball that is impacting hard and moving quickly will shatter on impact. The likelihood that the paintball will break when it reaches its target decreases with the paintball’s speed.

You are unable to change the paintball gun’s current caliber. However, being aware of how your gun’s caliber affects your performance will assist you in the future when picking out a new paintball handgun!

What Hurts More, Paintball Or Airsoft?

At the same time that paintball became popular in the US in the 1980s, and early 1990s, a game called airsoft was created in Japan. The biggest distinction between types of ammunition used—though there are minor variations—is that airsoft pellets don’t leave a paint stain when they strike a target.

Small plastic BBs, typically fired by airsoft weapons and move more quickly than paintballs when fired, cause a painful sting when struck. A harder impact typically occurs because the paintball has a larger surface area.

However, because the paintball moves more slowly, less pressure is applied. Although there has been much online disagreement, there is a universal agreement that they are similar.

Does It Hurt More For Children?

Paintball is a great activity for people of all ages since it provides high-adrenaline enjoyment in a controlled and safe environment. The UK Paintball Sports Association supports the industry norm of a required age restriction of 12 years old (or even year seven in school).

Due to this adaption, younger players are constantly paired with other kids their age and are given weaker rifles, allowing them to enjoy the activity as much as the older kids.  A game of outside laser tag would be more appropriate if you have anyone in year six or younger or if you’d want the thrill of the games without any discomfort. Because, despite the absence of projectiles, the game is essentially the same.

How To Reduce Pain When Playing Paintball

Here are some suggestions for avoiding welts and bruises:

  • Don’t let your skin show: Put on long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and boots.
  • Layer your clothing or use padding: As a result, a paintball won’t hit your flesh as hard.
  • Put on a helmet: It’s crucial to shield your head from paintballs.
  • Don’t forget your eye protection: If your eyes are not protected, paintball hits can also harm them if they do not simply harm your skin.
  • Adjust your physical posture: Doing so can prevent getting hit repeatedly in the same place.

Keep in mind that if you start to get too warm, you can always take off a layer. The padding will lessen the discomfort by absorbing some of the pressure from the paintballs. Wearing gloves and long-sleeve shirts will also be beneficial because the more exposed skin you can cover up, the better.

How Do You Avoid Getting Hurt By A Paintball Gun?

What Paintball Gun Hurts The Mosts

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A paintball pellet can be absorbed by even thin clothing, wherever you can, wear padding. Chest protectors are one type of padded apparel. When playing paintball, receiving a hit in the torso is among the possible results, so wearing a chest protector is essential.

As you might have guessed, the only way to play the intense sport of paintball without getting wounded is to adhere to the rules. The most important thing is to stay in the game and avoid picking confrontations with other players because you never know what might happen.

  • For instance, if you start a relatively big argument with someone and they become enraged, they may try to hurt you seriously.
  • Being unprepared increases your chance of suffering a serious injury, which you should always try to prevent.
  • Make sure you are wearing any necessary clothing and protection.
  • Ensure you always abide by the law and take precautions to protect yourself.
  • On the other side, try not to worry too much about your safety while having fun.
  • Keep an eye out for danger and use caution, but don’t overdo it.
  • You should consider it if you can enjoy yourself without being hurt.
  • Finally, don’t be scared to ask for help if you get harmed.
  • Always treat injuries seriously, especially if you’re in a lot of discomforts.
  • Never hesitate to ask for assistance, no matter how small the problem may be.

The Ideal Equipment

It will help to ensure that you have the ideal gear if you want to optimize efficiency and level up your technique during your next major battle. Here are some things to consider with paintballs.

★  Pick The Best Caliber You Can Find

The majority of paintball handguns are.68 calibers, thus, you’ll probably have more choices when buying a new paintball gun. You can perform better and fire more powerful shots with a greater caliber gun than you would be able to with a smaller one.

★  Think About How Much Paintballs Cost

Recreational-grade paintballs are all you need to play paintball, as they frequently carry out their intended functions and are incredibly cost-effective.

Tournament-grade paintballs are significantly more likely to break and inflict less pain on impact, but they have limitations. Consider investing more in championship paintballs if you’re concerned about the discomfort element to lessen the agony produced.

★   Get Some Extra Equipment

Pain is merely a component of the paintball experience, while you should invest in robust paintball equipment to increase performance and decrease pain risk.

The greatest option for the best performance would be the highest caliber paintball gun (.68 caliber). Other than price, the likelihood of shattering, and shell consistency, there is little variation between the various kinds of paintballs.


You might want to reconsider your next purchase if you’re the kind of paintballer that buys whatever is inexpensive or regarded as “high-performance”!

Each kind of paintball has advantages and disadvantages and a pain level attached to it. So be careful, as by following all the guidelines we have given you within this article, you will not be harmed by the .68 caliber.






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