What Paintball Gun Do Pros Use

What Paintball Gun Do Pros Use

The greatest paintball equipment is necessary for professional play! When selecting a paintball marker, the flexibility to modify it is one of the most crucial factors for professionals. The barrel and trigger are two of the most common changes that experts and seasoned players make to their weapons. Ensure the gun body can accommodate this if you wish to follow the professionals’ lead and customize your market. 

However, personalization isn’t always a hallmark of a high-end firearm. The long-term cost of an expensive, high-quality design is typically lower. Furthermore, firing must be consistent. Professionals search for high velocities and top-notch regulators when selecting a suitable marker.

A pro-level marker needs to be efficient as well. A straightforward design helps the user by making it quick and easy for them to reassemble and disassemble their marker. If you utilize compressed air, you will receive more shots per refill. Finding out what paintball guns the experts use is a terrific place to start if you’re looking for one like that! 

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What Paintball Gun Do Pros Use

Pro Paintball Players’ Favorite Markers Include: 

  • One of the paintball weapons that professional players most frequently utilize is the Eclipse CS2 Pro. 
  • Eclipse LV1 is similar to CS2, so 
  • Dye M3. 
  • Force Field One. 
  • Dye Rize CZR.

Eclipse CS2 Pro

The Eclipse CS2 Pro is one of the most popular and effective paintball weapons currently being utilized in the pro paintball ranks. It is incredibly well-liked due to its lightweight design, performance, and inclusion of all the capabilities and enhancements a serious gamer wants. A long number of features are available with the Eclipse CS2 Pro, including 

  • A quick-pull spool valve bolt mechanism without tools for quick and simple maintenance. 
  • Air transfer without a hose. 
  • A port-rich, multi-piece barrel system with Autococker threads. 
  • Anti-chop gaze. 
  • A double trigger that can be adjusted. 
  • Feeding neck clamping. 
  • A big electrical interface screen.
  • The eclipse logo is a symbol of outstanding quality and customer care.

Eclipse LV1.6

Eclipse LV1.6

These paintball weapons were effective and capable of firing at excessive rates a paintball gun with stacked tubes that is compact, stylish, and cutting-edge.

The result of years of Planet Eclipse engineering technology on the stacked tube architecture, the Eclipse LV1.6 is much better than before. Players and teams once engaged in combat with poppet valve paintball weapons like the Demotivating and, later, the Ego in serious divisional and professional competition paintball. 

In addition to a long range of standard features, a modern Eclipse dependability, an electronics suite, and customer service, the LV1.6 is svelte, light, and appealing. An Autococker-threaded, multi-piece carbon fiber barrel kit, a clamping feed neck, a quick-pull bolt, an on/off bottle adaptor, anti-chop eyes, and an adjustable dual trigger are all included with the LV.

Dye M3+

Dye M3+

The Dye M3+ is the culmination of the illustrious Matrix paintball gun’s growth. The newest and best paintball pistol for competitions from Dye, one of the most renowned brands in competition paintball history. The Dye M3+ competition paintball gun is a fantastic piece of paintball equipment since it is crammed with functionality and has a stylish, flowing, slick appearance. The Dye M3+ comes with a long list of high-tech features as standard, including 

  • A clamping hopper adapter
  • A two-piece Autococker threaded 
  • Dye Ultra compact barrel
  • An electronic screen with a large color display
  • Hose-free air
  • An incredibly comfortable Ultralite 45 grip frame
  • A quick-release bolt system
  • A double trigger. 

It is offered in various anodized color options and offers reliability and smooth-shooting performance among the top paintball guns in the world! 

Field One Force

Field One Force

The Force is a spool valve paintball gun that has shown it can compete with the best competition paintball guns at the absolute top of the sport. It boasts a long list of features available and a distinctive appearance that won’t be confused with anything else.

Let’s be honest: Any paintball equipment worthy of consideration for a serious player is excellent enough, according to players like Tyler Harmon, Ryan Greenspan, and the Dynasty team.

The Field One Force has a striking design, is made of sturdy aluminum, and comes with all of the functions that a competition paintball pistol should have and a few extras. The Nucleus spool valve system is readily removed, making maintenance simple.

Dye Rize CZR 

Dye Rize CZR 

The CZR is a cheap weapon that performs well for both beginning and experienced players right out of the box.

The Dye Rize CZR’s bolt was created using updated Fuse technology, giving it the feel and shot quality of the best tournament markers. There will be more kills on the field and less ball breakage in the gun due to the CZR’s ability to blast the most brittle paint due to the bolt design.

After using this marker on the field for over 30 games, the following additional intriguing characteristics have emerged:

⦁ It’s a very simple marker to keep up.
⦁ It features color-coded O-rings so you can tell where they should go.
⦁ Without using any equipment, you may lock the loader firmly with the Dye’s cam lock lever.
⦁ The feed neck is constricting and low for the proper alignment of your gear.
⦁ Lightweight and aggressively shaped, compact.
⦁ The CZR has an airport quick turn ON/OFF switch.
⦁ When the button is turned ON, the marker’s sleek shape allows air to be fed.
⦁ It would be simpler to switch on and off if the knob were a little larger, though.
⦁ The gun is easy to hold and control due to the sticky grips.

A tight grip is guaranteed, and the dual-density material wraparound safeguards your gun’s batteries and electronics. Inside the box are a part kit, a Marker, slick lube, a storage box barrel sock, tools, and a 9-volt battery.


What Makes The Eclipse Cs2 And Cs2 Pro Different? 

The CS2 Pro has a trigger frame, regulator, electronics, and a bolt system. The CS2 Pro has a more fashionable and lightweight body, three barrel backs, an aluminum shaft FL tip, and two triggers (blade & scythe). Planet Eclipse released the CS2 professional version in 2019. The amazing professional paintball team from Canada called Edmonton Impact plays with Planet Eclipse markers and has achieved great success in the industry.

In 1994, Dye released the M3 model. Professional paintball players choose the revolutionary Dye M3 markers, similar to the Eclipse markers.

Is There A Recommended Substance For Making Paintball Markers? 

What Paintball Gun Do Pros Use

No, not always. Since it has gained popularity over the past 30 years, aluminum is essentially the material we employ as a standard. Yes, a plastic paintball gun will be available at a gas station or somewhere, but you should save yourself the bother.

On rare occasions, you will see hoppers/loaders made of polymer or plastic and barrels and tanks made of carbon fiber. Don’t overthink this while the big businesses know what works and have discovered ways to deliver the highest performance and value.

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Is One Of Co2 And Compressed Air Superior To The Other? 

The main distinction between compressed air and CO2 is that while humans typically store carbon dioxide at low pressure, compressed air has a pressure that is far higher than that of normal atmospheric pressure. Additionally, compressed air costs more than carbon dioxide. 

Should All Firearms Be Modified? 

Actually, no. Paintball guns’ high-quality manufacturing means that they require little to no customization. These markers are the best to get if you’re starting because you know they’re of professional quality. That only makes sense, of course, if you want to play paintball professionally or if it’s something you want to make a part of your life.

What Qualities Distinguish A Good Marker? 

Two things are present, as the design is one; while having a clean, minimalist appearance is a necessary component of a good paintball marker, the design goes beyond that. In a perfect world, players’ markers would fit perfectly. The milling, trigger handles, and other components must fit together flawlessly. 


Consistency, originality, great quality, and efficiency are all characteristics shared by the five paintball guns that professional players like. Many more paintball guns are available, and some experts might have suggestions that aren’t on the list.

Nevertheless, use these markers as a starting point when selecting a paintball marker for your paintball games. Please take your time, store the equipment according to the best procedures, and most significantly, enjoy your game just like you would with the priciest paintball equipment.






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