What Paintball Guns Are Fully Automatic

What Paintball Guns Are Fully Automatic

Paintball guns that are automatic offer several benefits and are easier to use. A new paintball weapon can significantly alter your experience in paintball, regardless of your skill level. It’s enjoyable and interesting to play paintball. Since each player will have distinct needs, it is challenging to identify which model will work best for everyone.

A novice player will require different things than an experienced player. Additionally, budget is important, while there are many reliable markers available, and each has advantages and disadvantages. 

Therefore, you must select one that meets your needs. Paintball rounds do not need to be continuously released from automatic paintball guns by the player. Players can squeeze the trigger repeatedly to fire bullets.

These weapons are ideal for players who want to compete in tournaments and raise their field firing rate. The right equipment can help you succeed on the battlefield and contribute to your team’s honor. Continue reading for our list of the top automatic paintball weapons.

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What Paintball Guns Are Fully Automatic

The pressure efficiency of electronic paintball markers is higher than that of regular paintball guns. These weapons require less pressure, allowing you to fire more balls from a single tank. Fully autonomous paintball markers are more adaptable than those that are mechanical.

These weapons’ numerous firing modes give you various shooting experiences and possibilities. For your benefit, we have compiled a list of the top models created for novices.These are my top three picks before I go into further detail. (Scroll down for more information)

  • Empire Axe 2.0 Marker is the best all-around full auto paintball marker.
  • Best price Tippman Cronus full-auto paintball marker
  • Azodin Kaos won the award for best paintball marker.

Empire Axe 2.0

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker Dust Red Dust Orange

The Empire Axe 2.0 Marker is my best paintball marker because it outperforms several high-quality markers on the market. It was created with advanced paintball players in mind. Despite being pricey, this marker certainly comes to the expectations—worth the cost.

  • One may argue that this paintball marker is the best available for the money.
  • Tournament victories using the Empire Axe have been documented.
  • The Empire paintball Axe marker enables fast, accurate firing with minimal lag time.
  • Ballers can shoot more delicately because it doesn’t slice their balls.
  • It offers several firing methods and a higher level of uniformity.
  • It offers good performance, is elegant, and comfy.
  • It has a very comfortable grip because of the space between the foregrip and the trigger guard.


  • 6.8mm caliber
  • Extra-long grip for comfort
  • Push-bottom bolt extraction method
  • Relay controller
  • To prevent chopped balls, break the beam.
  • Fast-firing solenoid

Tippman Cronus (Great Beginner Marker)

Maddog Tippmann Cronus Tactical Silver Paintball Gun Marker

Compared to the normal Tippmann variants, the Tippman Cronus is a more realistic-looking and tactically sound model. It resembles the 98 custom in that it has been upgraded overall. The best cheap marker is the one I recommend because it is very configurable, ideal for beginners, and long-lasting throughout your paintball career!

The Tippmann Cronus is a stylish intermediate marker with an optional detachable barrel shield and stock. It has a reputation for accuracy, and its rail system makes it easy to add accessories like red dot sights, lights, grips, or even a scope. Not only is the Tippman Cronus reasonably priced, but it is extremely tough. Cronus never fails to deliver.


  • Box of 68 caliber
  • Round loader with a high-impact composite body 200
  • Harness for paintballs
  • Performance-enhancing barrel

Azodin Kaos KP3.5 Pump

Azodin Kaos KP3.5 Pump

The greatest paintball marker available for less than $100 is the Azodin Kaos KP3.5 Pump (notice that this is the all-black type). Because it looks awesome, I used the picture up top! (But that costs a bit more than $100.) It is made easy and quick to clean for people of all ages.

The clamping feed neck on the all-metal Azodin Kaos can be changed without equipment. The metal enables grip for enhanced shooting control. To meet the highest standards, this marker was created. It incorporates the most recent technologies while offering standard functionality.


  • Caliber 68
  • Lightweight
  • Better ergonomics
  • A feed neck with screws
  • Polished barrel

How To Pick The Best Paintball Full Auto Gun

A good semi-automatic paintball gun is assured by selecting the greatest full-auto paintball gun. A semi-auto firing mode is one of the most common. Then, until you get tired of it or need a backup, you never have to change your weapon and receive your money’s worth. Before shopping for a whole vehicle, you should consider a number of additional criteria.

Determine Your Playing Approach

Precision and control are key while shooting long distances. However, if you’re a runner, you should prioritize mobility and look for paintball guns with your kind of specification. You’d be surprised to see how a few additional pounds on your marker might cause you to have fatigued hands when fighting.

Brand Reputation Is Important

I don’t care much about brands, but I’ll confess that reputation is important when selecting paintball weapons. When your warranty expires, you’ll still have access to easy-to-find parts for upgrades and customization of your weapon and repairs. If you ever require assistance with cleaning, scaling, or mounting accessories, you’ll frequently locate a community of owners.

Compatibility And Customization Options

Both beginners and experts enjoy having the option to customize their weapons. You want to have the ability to replace our stock components if they aren’t always as powerful as you’d like them to be.

The hunger for power, though, is powerful and personal while utilizing a full-auto paintball weapon. For better aim or to add a foregrip, you could use iron or optical sights. Make sure the gun is compatible with each individual you have in mind and that it accepts accessories.

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Selective Fire

If you’re not looking for a fully-automatic paintball because it’s legal in your arena or for a scenario game, this can be the most important thing to consider. Even if it seems simple, it’s important. Check to see if the marker can shoot in the desired fire mode, while ramping is not the only option, as burst fire is also acceptable.

Simple Maintenance

Purchase a marker you can maintain, and that’s it. If you’re a beginner looking to purchase your first beginning paintball gun, you should treasure this knowledge.

When you see a realistic paintball gun, it’s simple to get carried away and forget to think about how you’ll clean up after all the fun. For the majority of us, developing a cleaning habit is difficult enough. Find out if you can handle it by doing so.


Paintball Guns With Full Auto Modes Are Legal?

What Paintball Guns Are Fully Automatic

In other regions, there are different rules regarding automatic paintball markers. However, the general laws aim to prevent a crime—where a youngster uses a paintball pistol to shoot another child.

Several regulations ban paintball guns in recreational spaces and game events to minimize uninvited public annoyance among young shooters. These weapons are generally permitted.

Are Fully Automatic Paintball Guns Permitted In Arenas?

Because completely automatic halls give some players better advantages over others, several places ban their use. The majority of arena competitions still employ mechanical paintball markers.

Are Full Auto Paintball Guns Better Than Semi-auto Paintball Guns?

No, the finest semi-automatic paintball guns and the best automatic paintball guns in our reviews are excellent choices.

How Does A Paintball Automatic Gun Work?

On their motherboards, automatic paintball guns’ computers run computer programs. The trigger is set up to keep firing until it is let go, as the shooter will start firing upon pulling the trigger until he releases it.

How Many Paint Cases Can I Fire Before I Need Maintenance?

Depending on how soiled your marker becomes, after firing 5–10 cases of paint, it might be beneficial to reapply grease or change your O-rings. Additionally, you should perform maintenance on your bolt and related parts at the same time.


Nearly every paintball gun has advantages and disadvantages, as some people choose lighter, more agile weapons, others want heavier, more potent weapons. Ultimately, it all comes down to your comfort level and what suits your playing style the best. Find what works best for you and your game, get it, and get some training on how to use it.






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