What Is A Good Paintball Gun For Beginners

Finding the paintball gun that best suits your requirements is not always straightforward. Thus finding the best paintball gun for you can be a little challenging because many different models are available today.

Fortunately, our team is here to make things simpler for you! Based on our years of field expertise, we have put together a list of the top 5 paintball guns on the market.

In our article, we choose the best-selling paintball markers for beginners, intermediate, and professionals. We want to spread the love of paintball over the world while helping you save time and money by ensuring you acquire the perfect paintball gun for your experience level.

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What Is A Good Paintball Gun For Beginners

We’ve provided our top recommendation for good paintball guns for new players searching for a reliable backup weapon if you want a top-of-the-line, fantastic paintball handgun that will give you hours of fun and excitement. So you have come to the right place.

I’ve reviewed paintball guns with the most affordable to ensure this buyer’s guide benefits everyone, whether they are beginners or experts. Let’s get started.

What Is A Good Paintball Gun For Beginners

⦁ Tippmann FT-12 Paintball Gun

The Tippmann FT-12, an advancement of the Tippmann 98, is a great paintball gun for novices. The rugged marker is manufactured with long-lasting 98 valves and bolts for dependable operation. It only takes a few drops of oil to perform preventive maintenance.

The FT-12’s ability to be disassembled without using tools is its best quality. Reassembly is made simple by the flip-top design, which is a significant advance over the clam-shell design of the 98.

⦁ Tippmann Cronus

An impressive introduction to the Tippmann models, which look more tactical and realistic. With the Cronus, they appear to have taken the fantastic 98 Custom and greatly enhanced it. This intermediate-level rifle gives you a cool look by adding a replaceable barrel shield and stock, which are optional.

This one is well-liked by users and is renowned for being accurate. The Cronus does not disappoint with a rail system for adding different extras like red dot sights, lights, or grips!

This is one of the most excellent solutions for new or intermediate players seeking a robust, high-quality marker that will last because of its highly reasonable price range and exceptional all-around durability.

⦁ Tippmann Alpha Black Elite

The other premium paintball marker manufacturer that consistently makes top-notch gear is Empire. The Empire Mini is unquestionably one of the smallest paintball pistols available and lives up to its name.

This makes it very light and straightforward to maneuver. It can shoot as quickly as you can squeeze the trigger due to the electronic trigger technology, which also makes it silent.

The two-handle design is cozy, and it has a lovely touch with the pressure gauge already attached to the air connector, allowing you to check how much air is still in your tank quickly. This powerful entry-level championship paintball marker is ideal for indoor close-quarters play due to its smaller size, quick rate of fire, and overall accuracy.

⦁ Spyder (Kingman) MR100

Kingman’s most well-known paintball weapons are the Spyder MR series, which has long been among the most widely used paintball guns on the market. While the MR100 fires paintballs more quickly than the Cronus and other paintball guns, I don’t think it is quite as fashionable. You may have to choose between a trade-off between fashion sense and firepower.

Given its modest cost, the MR100 is a paintball marker of decent quality. Newer should consider it an excellent place to start due to its sturdy structure.

The MR100 is a wise pick if you’re seeking a paintball pistol that will last. Due to its revolutionary air valve mechanism, which quickly pushes paintballs through, few paintball guns available for their price are as quick to fire.

You can find it online in various ways, as it’s another excellent option for new paintball players.

⦁ Empire Axe

Most likely, if you participate in significant paintball competitions, you have seen the well-known Empire Axe in use. This premium paintball marker has a quick paint discharge. You can lay down a lot of fire thanks to the many shooting modes, including single shot, ramping, and full auto.

The Empire Axe meets the standard for a quality set by the company. This is a fantastic option for advanced players seeking a rock-strong paintball pistol with a perfect e-trigger system that can be modified for every game type, from speedball to lengthy outdoor woodsball games.

Given the Axe’s adaptability, precision, and abundance of aftermarket upgrade components, it is not surprising that many players have this paintball marker on their wish lists.

Full Rundown Of Paintball Equipment

You’ll need additional items in addition to the paintball gun itself when purchasing one. Considering what extra equipment you will require if you plan to play paintball is worthwhile because there is much more to paintball than simply the gun.

Hoppers For Paintballs

You keep your paintballs in the hopper, also known as a loader. Although some hoppers are smaller than this, most of them can carry about 200 paintballs. The hoppers for less expensive guns will be “gravity effective,” meaning the paintballs will drop into the gun. To guarantee continuous firing, more costly hoppers can do this electronically.

What Is A Good Paintball Gun For Beginner

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How Often Must I Play Paintball To Justify Purchasing A Paintball Gun?

Some people prefer to own equipment, whether out of a sense of decency or concern about damaging rental gear. However, to optimize the value of a paintball gun, you must play at least a few sessions a year, preferably more. Purchasing a paintball gun will be worthwhile if you play every one to two months.

What Makes You Desire To Get A Paintball Gun?

People purchase paintball guns mainly to avoid renting paintball guns from their local paintball facility. This usually costs between $10 and $20, but it might occasionally cost more, based on where you are. Ths means that if you visit there a few times, you’ll end up saving money. Using your paintball pistol outside of a paintball arena is not recommended.

What Is The Price Of A Good Paintball Gun?

Your choice of paintball gun will depend on your needs because the term “good” is arbitrary. An excellent paintball gun will cost roughly $100 if you only want the minimal necessities. To your great surprise, the build quality and abilities will improve if you increase your budget to $200 or $300.

Without Paintballs Themselves, What Use Is A Paintball Gun?

It might be a good idea to get paintball ammunition in addition to a rifle. Online, the typical cost of paintball ammunition is $20 for 1000 paintballs (you can usually find this pretty easily on Amazon). Nevertheless, remember that if you play paintball at a location, they could not let you use their paintballs (and they’ll probably charge you a lot, too).

What Is The Weight Of Paintball Guns?

Paintball guns can range widely in weight, and while you would not think 1-2 lbs will matter much if you’re playing for a few hours, they do. The average paintball pistol weighs about 5 pounds. However, lighter models are available that only weigh 2 to 3 pounds.


These paintball weapons are just a few of the best ones available. There are a tonne more, and if you wish to expand your budget, you will have access to a broader range of weapons.

Thus these weapons are perfect for people who want to practise the fundamentals, particularly if they want to increase their fire speed. Your decision will largely depend on how much you’re prepared to spend on a paintball gun and whether you’re a beginner or searching for something more advanced.





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