What To Wear For Paintball

What To Wear For Paintball

Playing Paintball can be messy, and getting hit by one can hurt a little, while by wearing it appropriately, you can reduce discomfort and ensure that your favorite clothes won’t get stained.

Although paintballs may be removed from clothing, some of the deeper pigments can leave stains, and the field can leave stains from the grass or dirt. This makes it perfect for dressing in shabby clothes you don’t care for or purchasing clothing specifically for Paintball.

If you’re worried about being hurt by paintballs, wearing layers will give you more protection. Most players merely dress in one layer of clothing since it will be sufficient to keep skin protected and prevent overheating.

Players may prefer to play in the heat without any layers to manage their body temperature and only wear a simple shirt and shorts.

But there’s no need to be alarmed, as you can choose from various outfit suggestions when deciding what to wear to Paintball. You’ll find many advice and outfit suggestions in our guide for your paintball experience. So keep this article in mind the next time you’re unsure what to dress for a paintball game.

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What To Wear For Paintball

Depending on where you play, there are different suggestions on what to wear while playing Paintball. First, let’s consider using the GatSplat indoor facilities.

On the field, paintball games are slightly different from those played in open parks, as the clothing is slightly different than in an outdoor park. Let’s have a look at what to wear for Paintball.

Paintballs move at a speed of 260 to 280 ft/sec, or more than 200 miles per hour. It may result in unpleasant headshots. To protect the melon, many people don baseball caps, do-rags, winter hats, or headgear made specifically for Paintball.

What To Wear For Paintballs

⦁ Long Pants

Depending on where you play, Paintball can expose your legs to elements such as thorns, twigs, rocks, and mud, which may cause you to scratch your legs and knees a little. So, it’s not a good idea to wear shorts. Many players dress in jeans, BDU cargo pants, loose-fitting sweatpants, jumpsuits, or paintball-specific clothing.

⦁ T-Shirts With Long Sleeves

It’s best to have as little flesh exposed as necessary when playing Paintball because it can sting like stretching a rubber band and letting it go. So it would help if you didn’t choose to wear a t-shirt as your first option.

Many paintball players dress in loose, dark-colored sweatshirts, hoodies, paintball-specific jerseys, and backup jackets to prepare for weather changes. Additionally, wearing loose clothing makes it easier for hits to miss their target, reducing the likelihood of elimination and lessening shots’ sting.

⦁ Sports Shoes

As paintball ankle injuries are the most frequent type, this is among the most crucial elements.

Many wear army boots, hiking boots, or football or soccer cleats. Shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy or wet should be worn. When playing Paintball, there are some shoe styles you should stay away from.

Sandals and open-toed shoes are not recommended for your comfort and safety. You might take a full additional clean wardrobe for the travel home because your clothing will likely get wet and soiled. I hope this makes your paintballing experience memorable.

⦁ Gloves

When playing Paintball, hands are some of the most commonly shot targets since you constantly expose them by aiming the marker at your opponent’s down range. Paintball shots toward the hand can be relatively abrasive (particularly at closer ranges) since hands have sensitive areas.

Many people wear gardening, golf, football, fingerless weightlifting, paintball-specific gloves, and light-duty mechanics and gardening gloves. Winter gloves, latex-style gloves, and welding gloves should all be avoided since they tend to be too thick and heavy for trigger sensitivity.

⦁ Elbow Pads For Paintballs

The forearm and elbow protectors made expressly for Paintball are among my favorite Paintball cushioning solutions. These are ideal for shielding your elbows from the ground while slipping and crawling on the field and for protecting your arms from paintballs. Exalt Paintball makes some of the finest paintball paddings because they are strong, well-made, and stay put on your arm.

Best Stores For Paintball Equipment

Some people prefer to own personal paintball equipment, even though most locations give it before you and your pals engage in combat in their arena. They can play the game without having to hire it out each time.

Everything you’ll need for paintballing is available from some excellent retailers. The equipment you select will depend on your budget because certain locations are slightly more expensive than others.

Here is a list of reliable vendors of paintball equipment:

  • Hustle Paintball
  • Sgt. Splatters
  • Defcon Paintball Gear
  • East Coast Paintball Supply

What To Wear For Paint ball

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Style Tips For Paintball Gear In Summer

You should prepare and dress appropriately before going paintballing with your friends.

Therefore, our main piece of advice is to dress in numerous layers. However, you might be unsure of what to wear for summer paintball. When it’s hot outside, you generally don’t want to dress in many layers.

Here are some pointers:

  • Wear paintball equipment that doesn’t stick too closely to the body if you play Paintball outside during the summer.
  • It’s best to dress comfortably in loose, baggy clothing.
  • You don’t want the equipment to irritate or keep you from enjoying the game.
  • Additionally, wearing loose-fitting clothing in the summer heat provides extra breathing room.
  • In the summer, you might wear fewer layers.
  • In that situation, it’s important to wear padding on your weaker (or more vulnerable) body parts, including your knees, chest, and elbows, to ensure you’re still protected while maintaining your cool.
  • Make an effort to dress comfortably when using paintball equipment.
  • The last thing you need is your equipment coming in the way as you will be sprinting and hidden on the field to score points for your team.

Additionally, keeping a few dress suggestions in mind is crucial, even if you’re wearing your paintball overalls and other equipment. Ensure that nothing is blocking your path, including your sleeves and the bottom of your jeans. This is especially important for small individuals because you don’t want the paintball equipment to make you feel heavy.


What Clothing And Accessories Are Provided By Mayhem?

Mayhem will supply the following tools.

  • Overalls in camouflage- Our camouflage overalls are meant to fit over your clothes for an additional layer of cover, maximizing your ability to conceal from the enemy and reducing the possibility of having your clothes covered with paintball splats.
  • Visors for protection- Never remove your goggles on the battlefield since paintballs may travel up to 200 mph and are likely the most crucial piece of equipment you’ll own.

What Is The Age Minimum Required To Play?

The UK Paintball Sports Association supports the industry requirement that all participants must be at least 12 years old (or in Year 7 in school) to participate. We advise outdoor laser tag, similar to Paintball but does not involve projectiles if any students in grades K–7 are present at school.

How Many Players Are Required?

Anywhere between 1 and 450 individuals! We will pair you up with another group if you only want to play Paintball with a few pals or by yourself (minimum 18 participants) (s). Teams often have six to fifteen players (per side). You must be at least 18 years old to request a private match.


Whether you play Paintball seriously or just for fun, it’s a tactical and daring sport many people like. Regardless of how you play Paintball, understanding what to wear is crucial. If you have the proper equipment and apparel, you’ll be prepared for a crazy and enjoyable day with your pals.

With the wardrobe above suggestions and other helpful advice, putting together your paintball costume will be simple. You can use this guide to enter the battlefield well-equipped to get messy and have a lot of fun.






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