What Are The Different Types Of Paintball Gun

What Are The Different Types Of Paintball Guns?

There are three basic categories of paintball markers, all of which are appropriate for all types of play, although they have some significant variances that may be beneficial occasionally.

Knowing which type of marker works best with each type of play and skill level can help you better. Prepare your weapons and ensure you have the right weapons for your game.

Pump action, electrical, and mechanical paintball guns are available. The three main categories of paintball weapons and their key distinctions are briefly described below.

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What Are The Different Types Of Paintball Guns?

There are three different types of paintball markers or guns.

⦁ Pump action
⦁ Mechanical
⦁ Electrical

Depending on the needs of the player, each has advantages and disadvantages. A starting player will probably choose one of these three even though other kinds and hybrids are available.

⦁ Pump Markers

The pump action paintball gun is the earliest and most straightforward type. Its operation is manual and relies on the conventional shotgun pump action to fill the chamber and cock the gun for fire.

Instead of using the scattershot strategy, this will need you to focus more intently on each shot, but it encourages you to improve your field abilities and accuracy. You must choose your targets and maximize each shot rather than destroying everything in your path.

The difference in playing techniques may put you at a disadvantage if you are up against opponents who are carrying semi-automatic weapons.

Due to the risk of a semi-rapid auto’s firing on their first few expeditions, beginners may not feel comfortable using pump guns. However, as you get experience, playing with a pump action gun may be fun.

⦁ Mechanical Markers

These are the weapons you’ll come across most commonly while playing casually. Top-of-the-line ones have entered the professional arena, but the severe amateur uses them as their weapon.

Reloading is unnecessary because they are primarily semi-automatic and fire one shot every time you pull the trigger. Since most of them use compressed air and CO2, it’s simple to get them refilled, and they’re often inexpensive and simple to maintain.

The blowback design is the most popular firing mechanism for mechanical markers.

A hammer held in place by a spring is activated, hitting and opening a valve that releases a paintball toward the target before letting another paintball fall into the breach. Tippmann is one of the market’s leading brands, and this Maddog Tippmann Starter Package is shockingly inexpensive. They are outstanding all-around.

What Are The Different Types Of Paintball Guns

⦁ Electronic Markers

Electronic paintball guns used to be prohibitively expensive, but they are now available for a fair price. A 9-volt battery powers the solenoid that ignites the electronic paintball markers.

The player pushes the trigger, turning on a micro switch. An electrical paintball gun is the best paintball gun available today. Several firms produce electrified paintball pistols. One of the most recognizable paintball companies in the world is Dye.

  • The Dye M2 paintball gun is the only one for which they are designed.
  • Using electronic weapons, a player can fire at incredibly high velocities.
  • A circuit board is responsible for managing every command sent to the solenoid.
  • Almost all electronic markers include a range of firing modes, including ramping, burst, full-auto, and others.

Electronic markers that use electric sear trippers move the sear catch with the help of an electronic solenoid. This gives you more firing options and expedites the firing process.

Another choice for electronic marking is the “Pneumatic poppet valve” type, which uses a ram operated by pressure. It is a reliable, high-speed, gas-efficient marker. CO2 cannot fire pneumatic poppet valve marks; compressed air is required instead.

Paintball Gun Upgrades

Deciding what you want is the first step in improving your paintball gun. You can get your gun upgraded in several ways, including the barrel. Additionally, you can purchase a loader, a rail system, and enhanced sights. The improvements will vary depending on the kind of paintball games you play the most and the kind of weapon you own.

  • You should always check the condition of your goggles.
  • Avoid wearing ski or ordinary glasses and use paintball-specific goggles instead.
  • They must be fog and shatterproof to prevent paintballs and fly debris from hurting your eyes.
  • To further protect yourself from harm, you might invest in safety equipment like gloves, chest protectors, and knee pads.
  • The hopper is another crucial upgrade for newcomers.

A high-quality hopper guarantees even paintball feeding into the marker, preventing jamming and misfires. Top loaders and bottom loaders are the two types of hoppers that are available.

Instead of using gravity feed hoppers, top-loaders make it easier to use gravity to fill up ten more balls at once, but they are more expensive and take more time to load.

What Characterizes A Good Paintball Gun?

A paintball gun is a type of marker that fires gelatin-filled, round paintballs fast. Accuracy and performance are the two most crucial characteristics of a decent paintball gun. The accuracy of your gunshots is referred to as precision. Performance refers to your shooting speed and how simple it is to load up fresh rounds between games.

  • You might also wish to purchase a couple of paintball gun upgrades.
  • For instance, you may buy a tank that fits underneath your marker and increases its capacity from 200 rounds to 400 shots every fill-up.

A system with an electronic trigger can also be added, enabling you to fire rounds with more accuracy without having to pull the marker back every time.

The most crucial thing to remember when buying a paintball marker is that it should be portable and simple to carry around the field. Carrying something heavy will hinder your ability to play well because you are constantly moving when you are playing.

What Are The Different Types Of Paintball Guns

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What Does A Pump Paintball Gun Cost?

Pump markers come in both pricey and affordable varieties. A good pump marker will typically cost less than an electric one. Although there isn’t much distinction between mechanical and pump markers, there is a slight variation for the pump.

What Is The Pump Paintball Gun’s Firing Rate?

The pump marker requires you to physically pump it each time because it fires at the slowest rate of any other marker. How quickly the gun fires depends on how quickly you can pump.

How Much Does The Mechanical Paintball Gun Cost?

These don’t cost much more than a decent pump marker. If you have a tight budget and can only buy one kind of paintball marker at first, go with a mechanical one. Another thing to remember when purchasing a marker is that maintenance costs for one are typically lower than those for an electro-pneumatic marker.

How Frequently Does A Mechanical Paintball Gun Fire?

The firing rate of a mechanical marker is lower than that of an electro-pneumatic marker but faster than that of a pump. You must ensure the trigger is pulled back, just like an actual pistol, instead of an electric marker. This can cause your fire rate to decrease based on how long you have to pull the trigger.

An average rate of mechanical marker discharge is 5–6 times per second. The sort of hopper you have also had an impact on the pace of fire. You are limited to the speed at which your paintball gun can load paintballs.


Well, all paintball guns are excellent, but an automatic model should have all the functions you need in a paintball gun. However, an electric marker can be the perfect fit if you’re ready to invest a little more and want a fast-paced game.

If you’re like me and want something new to add to your collection, a pump gun might be the most substantial adjustment you can make. I don’t advise acquiring a pump gun unless you already have experience.






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