Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles Review

Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles Review

The Virtue VIO is the most excellent paintball goggle you can buy, as it is the preferred mask of any professional who initially used it as a novice. In this article, Virtue VIO will be reviewed; we will provide you with the best product available in the market. You can have all these paintball goggles with top-notch performance at a reasonable price.

Purchasing the VIO anti-fog lens will save you money, as it’s preferable to spend a little more and obtain the Virtue VIO with a thermal lens. The advantage of not being concerned about lens fogging outweighs the additional cost.

Wearing the Virtue VIO has the additional benefit of allowing you to see everything around you because of its wide peripheral field. You can see clearly because of its optical clarity, devoid of distortion. Additionally, the thermal lens offers 100% UV protection to minimize the damage caused by the sun’s damaging rays.

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Feel Comfortable Without An Additional Foam EarpieceVirtue VIO Paintball Goggles Review

In addition to being incredibly comfortable for its single-piece form, The Virtue provides outstanding protection to its wearer (similar to the V-Force Grill). This demonstrates that a comfortable mask can be worn without a separate foam earpiece.

Even though the VIO lacks a foam earpiece, it provides your ears with enough breathing area, allowing you to rapidly hear what is happening around you.

The Virtue is incredibly comfortable, considering that it is made of a single piece and provides the wearer with superb Protection (similar to the V-Force Grill).

This demonstrates that goggles feel comfortable without an additional foam earpiece. Even though the VIO lacks a foam earpiece, it provides your ears with enough breathing area so you can readily listen to what is happening around you.

Better Than VIO Contour II and Extend

When I play woodsball, I watch for opponent players who might be moving around, which is crucial to me. In my perspective, the Virtue VIO ventilation is even better than the more expensive Virtue VIO Contour II and Extend, which are also fairly nice.

For someone who needs better ventilation, like me, this is fantastic news. Additionally, the ventilation enhances voice transmission so you may speak more effectively to your colleagues.

Suppose you didn’t mind giving up a little ventilation and wanted a reasonably priced mask with more excellent vision. Given that the E-Flex and the VIO have similar price ranges, deciding whether to choose the E-improved Flex’s breathability or the excellent appearance and improved vision of the Virtue VIO is ultimately up to you.

Oh, and don’t overlook the fact that the VIO also has changeable foam, making it competitive with the powerful Dye I5.

Features Of Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles

⦁ Wider Backstrap

For both small and large heads, a larger backstrap with extra cushioning and 3D foam results in a better and more solid fit and is less prone to shift or wobble throughout your game.

⦁ Better Acoustics

Upgraded earpads with increased sound quality. It is lightweight, comfortable, and flexible without sacrificing safety, thanks to high-quality foam. It can be difficult to hear other players when a mask has too much padding, but this is not the case.


Multi-Directional Venting is one of the VIO’s most notable characteristics. Communication with your colleagues will be simple because of the VIO Multi-Directional Venting’s accurate blade angling and tried-and-true venting design. Your voice will go farther and more accurately than any other vented mask on the field.

This unique, patented design significantly eliminates re-ventilated fogging, currently among the lightest sunglasses available. Performance in professional paintball depends on how light the equipment is. Your ability to perform and concentrate on the game will improve as your equipment becomes lighter.

⦁ Best Communication

In paintball, it’s essential to communicate with your teammates. Many masks prevent you from successfully calling out defenses and eliminations. I communicate clearly with others when I speak to them (Or as transparent as somebody else wearing a mask might be.)

⦁ View

These lenses are the best I’ve used compared to my older and initial ones. They offer a periphery of vision that aids in identifying your adversaries. Additionally, those who might feel claustrophobic due to restricted fields of vision benefit from a more comprehensive view.

⦁ No blind spots

There are no blind spots because the mirrored lens provides an even superior peripheral field of vision.

⦁ Breathes extremely well

To prevent you from inhaling carbon dioxide while moving around, the mask’s designers went above and above to ensure that it has wide vents that allow for enough airflow.

⦁ Comfy / Accessorize

Maximum airflow facilitates easier breathing and ventilation, making it more comfortable and precise in voice transmission and hearing. Thus its Protection, stiffness, and flexibility are combined in a light, comfortable manner with dual-layer, removable eye foam. They are compatible with every VIO line visor, strap, lens, and replacement foam.

Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles Specification’s:

Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles Review

The Virtue VIO is a beginner-friendly paintball goggles with some outstanding specifications. Purchasing the Virtue VIO tactical can upgrade these characteristics singly or collectively. The Virtue VIO has the following characteristics;

  • The dimensions of the item package 8.66 x 8.58 x 7.56 inches
  • The package’s weight 1.25-pound
  • Manufacturers Virtue Paintball
  • VIO’s Size Contour II.
  • Graphic Black Emerald Brand Virtue Paintball Color Contour II.
  • Outstanding value for the budget
  • Features quick-change Hitch Lock system
  • Suitable for 17 lenses
  • Designed for comfort
  • This mask offers an excellent field of vision in addition to UV protection.
  • Excellent breathability
  • Affordable while still providing premium performance
  • High peripheral awareness
  • Simple to hear
  • There are numerous accessories, including the stealth visor fan, 18 lenses, 35 straps, and 16 visors.
  • Extensive coverage (excellent for players with broader heads)
  • Substitute foam
  • Effortless lens removal
  • Lack of flexibility in a single-piece body
  • A smaller selection of colors


I bought this mask since I couldn’t handle the fogging and couldn’t breathe with a rental mask. This mask significantly outperforms the rented mask in every manner.

If you wear spectacles, this mask is the perfect fit so that I can talk, but the mask muffles what I say. There was no fogging even in the sweltering, humid heat of 100 degrees. The mask is lovely and offers fantastic visibility.

I prefer to store the mask in the box and the lovely protective bag it arrived in. Purchase this mask; you won’t feel bad, I can guarantee you.







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