Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun Reviews

Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun Review

Valken Blackhawk markers are the best option for players, as they Paintball weapons today are more advanced than ever, and Valken has the greatest paintball gun to fit any spending limit or playing style, no matter what sort of fashion is required to play paintball gun and reach the target! That is the most important thing for a player, which is why we introduce you to the best in town. Your hunt for a reliable paintball handgun is over due to the Valken Blackhawk professional paintball gun! 

Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun Review

The Valken Blackhawk paintball gun offers the performance necessary for a paintball player to successfully capture any goal in any weather, week in and week out. The semiautomatic Valken Blackhawk is light, precise, dependable, and loaded with features like a sight rail, a clamping feed neck, adjustable sights, and a ported barrel at a price perfect for any player. It shoots as quickly as a player can pull the trigger, from the casual player to the skilled tactical paintball player!

  • Regular paintballs, as well as First Strike rounds, can be fired by the Blackhawk MFG.
  • An additional magazine may be purchased separately and will contain 15 shots.
  • Quad Picatinny rails on the 12-inch barrel of the Valken MFG allow you to add various accessories.
  • The Valken MFG also features front and back sights.
  • This marker doesn’t have any external hoses, which keeps the design simple and gives it a more realistic appearance.
  • In my opinion, Valken Blackhawk is the greatest starting maker available.
  • Don’t be fooled by the affordable pricing.
  • These are high-quality markers.

To all newcomers viewing this marker, remember that while expensive markers are fine, you should save your money and use it to purchase the best mask you can. Safety should always come first, so remember that using more costly markers won’t improve your game if you can’t play well with cheaper ones.

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  • Brand Name: Valken
  • Color: Blackhawk
  • Rounds: 300
  • Weight Of Item: 2 Pounds
  • Air Gun Power type: CO2
  • Barrel Material Type: Aluminum/StainlessSteel
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions Of The Package: 14.7 x 11.8 x 3.1 inches.
  • Weight Of The Package:  1.86 kg


Reliable, Affordable Paintball Gun!

Paintball gamers expect a high-end, dependable paintball gun that is also reasonably priced to maximize their spending power while still having fun with the game we all love!

A cheap paintball weapon can’t always offer the features, performance, pricing, and reliable dependability that gamers on a budget need to have a fantastic day playing paintball. Hence some reasonably priced paintball guns end up disappointing gamers.

Valken has solved this issue with the tough Valken Blackhawk paintball gun. This paintball handgun delivers many features, a tried-and-true construction, and consistent, inexpensive performance weekend after weekend.

Easy, Dependable, and Superior

The Valken Blackhawk presents a cost-effective combination of tried-and-true performance, a tonne of features, and several ways for players to advance beyond the entry-level paintball pistol once it is out of the box.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t compete right out of the box! A bottom-line air bottle adapter is included as standard equipment with the Valken Blackhawk automatic paintball weapon to maintain the player’s air tank safely in the shoulder and to provide a comfortable, clear field of vision.

The Best Option For Inexpensive Versatility

A CO2 or compressed air tank can power the Blackhawk paintball gun, which we were talking about offering the user the finest choice of reasonably priced versatility depending on the localized air sources!

A sturdy steel-braided airline that transfers air from the bottle adaptor to the paintball weapon’s valve is included, along with a vertical foregrip. The Blackhawk paintball gun comes equipped with open sights, but a paintball player may attach whatever scope or sight they decide to use the standard Picatinny sight rail along the paintball gun receiver’s top!

Numerous Features!

The Blackhawk comes with a detachable, clamping hopper adapter that can be attached to any paintball hopper or loader. By the way, that barrel is an aluminum design with A5 threading.

An owner of a Valken Blackhawk may easily and rapidly upgrade for finer shot groups at farther ranges. But the Valken Blackhawk’s features don’t end there! They also have the following features that are all as follows.

  • Semiautomatic
  • Polymer and aluminum construction
  • Receiver coated in powder.
  • Removable barrel with ports
  • Movable sights
  • MIL-STD 1913 supplemental rail
  • Hopper adaptor that is adjustable and removable
  • For usage with compressed air or CO2
  • All necessary ASTM requirements are met or exceeded.

Last but not least, the tough Valken Blackhawk gets its quick-firing, dependable semiautomatic action from an inline blowback operating mechanism that has been tried and true over time and needs no batteries to fire shots as quickly as the user can pull the trigger.

Accessories and Upgrades!

Players who want to improve the appearance and performance of their brand-new paintball gun can choose from various Valken Blackhawk upgrades. To upgrade the Valken Blackhawk from a basic, converting a cheap paintball gun into a reliable, mil-sim style tactical paintball gun.

Valken offers three different Valken Whiskey, Foxtrot, and Tango Valken Blackhawk Upgrade Kits that each include a barrel, different types of barrel shrouds, and an M4-style adjustable stock.

Give More Rate Of Fires

Paintball red dot sights, Various scopes, and other Valken improvements can be mounted to the Blackhawk’s sight rail quickly and easily, and improved loaders that will deliver faster fire rates.

Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun Reviews

Such as the V-Max+ paintball loader and Valken V-Lite hopper at the same time, assisting in eliminating broken and chopped paintballs. Last but not least, Valken also provides a wide range of paintball air tank alternatives for the Blackhawk, ranging from straightforward and inexpensive 20oz CO2 paintball tanks to economic ones.

However, the Valken Blackhawk paintball compressed air tank will deliver hundreds of reliable, full-power rounds in any weather or environment!

Built For Battle and Toughly Tested!

The Valken Blackhawk paintball weapon is just as easy and reasonably priced to become game-ready as the Blackhawk itself! A paintball player will have plenty of cash in their pocket if they choose to use the Valken Blackhawk in battle.

Leftover for paintballs and a snack at the field because it only requires a paintball air tank and hopper. A few paintballs and a good safe paintball-approved goggle system to be ready to hit the field!

Provides Many Hundred Regular, Powerful Shots

The Valken Blackhawk paintball air tank offers hundreds of reliable full-power shots while remaining affordable and is the choice of most paintball members of the current game. However, some players who are even more cost-conscious may choose a 20-ounce paintball CO2 tank instead, as the Blackhawk will function just fine with CO2 propellant.

Provides A 200-Round Capacity

The Valken Blackhawk is the greatest paintball hopper for the money because it has a 200-round capacity and is better prepared to prevent feed jams, allowing the player to fire more quickly.

Unlike so many inexperienced players, they can fire their paintball gun continuously without pausing to shake it. The Valken MI-7 paintball facemask completes an economical, dependable, secure, and greater paintball equipment configuration ideal for everything from outdoor games to casual paintball at the neighborhood field!

  • You Have Everything You Need In The Valken Blackhawk To Start Playing Paintball.

  • It Has Several Of Its Upgrades.

  • They Are Almost Completely Accurate.

  • Setting Up The Weapon Is Quite Simple.

  • It Has Excellent Technological Specs.

  • This Gun Will Accept Any Upgrade That Is Compatible With The Tippmann 98.

  • It Is Strong, Resilient, Trustworthy, And Adaptable.

  • It’s Easy To Clean.

  • It Needs Little Maintenance.

  • ⦁ The Stock Barrel Will Not Shoot Very Accurately, So I’d Suggest Acquiring A Better One.
  • ⦁ The Precision Is A Touch-off, Which Is The Main Drawback.


You can use it till you reach the level of an experienced paintball player because it performs better than expected and lasts so long. The Valken Blackhawk is the ideal marker for beginners because it was designed to be exceedingly simple. Its ability to not chop paintballs is one of its better attributes, which is great because it simplifies cleaning the gun and improves accuracy.

Additionally, it is fairly light and accurate. Unexpectedly, this weapon is among the least expensive for a Valken Blackhawk paintball gun, so you know you’re receiving a high-quality item. We hope our evaluation of the Valken Blackhawk has given you a basic understanding of this product’s facts. We’re sending you our best wishes as you battle it out!






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