Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun W 2 Piece Barrel Reviews

Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun W/ 2 Piece Barrel Review- Dust Silver/Dust Gold (17387)

The electric paintball gun can better suit your requirements and prevent missed deadlines. This is a popular paintball gun designed with the novice in mind, giving you the best user experience, as we offer you the best in the market.

You can swiftly and easily fulfil your needs with the help of the electronic paintball gun. It is an excellent option if you’re searching for an enjoyable, simple paintball marker and robust enough for even the most challenging day (or weather conditions).

Unfortunately, given this product’s vast array of options, you can have trouble finding an electronic paintball marker on the market. To make a selection, we acquired the most widely used model.

Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun W/2 Piece Barrel Review

To help you choose the best paintball handgun barrels, we invested a lot of time in our study. Choosing the best Paintball Gun Barrels would be beneficial if you picked the characteristics that best suit you and your needs.

We suggest a solid one made with high-quality components regardless of individual preferences. Our evaluation concentrated on the characteristics, performance, cost, and other elements stated below; keep reading.

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Best For Beginning To Intermediate Players

The Mini Empire GS Paintball Gun has proved to be the go-to paintball weapon for beginning to intermediate players who want a weapon that will function in every circumstance and keep them portable. With its inline poppet mechanism, the Mini GS maintains low recoil and superb accuracy while being incredibly simple to repair and requiring few tools.

Due to the inline piston mechanism, the marker provides horizontal recoil that prevents the pistol from lifting during high levels of fire enabling accurate ball-on-ball shooting. To keep you from being able to play, the break-beam eye mechanism stops paintballs from being chopped by the bolt. Nearly all risks of a chop are eliminated by using an invisible light beam that must be shattered for the cannon to fire!

The 9V battery used to power the circuitry in the foregrip allows the gun to fire at rapid rates while also being programmable for various other firing modes, including Ramp, PSP, Millenium, Semi-Automatic, and Full Automatic.

With the upgraded internals, the ASA and regulator work together to keep the gun smaller and operate reliably. The tank is simpler to remove due to the new on/off bleed! This paintball gun is ideal for beginners and will continue to be the top pick due to the new GS features!

Best Electronic Paintball Gun Under $400

The top mid-priced electronic paintball gun is the Empire Mini GS. The Empire team used the tried-and-true Mini marker platform to create and construct the paintball gun they believe is the best sub-$400 paintball gun.

In addition to the Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun w/ 2 Piece Barrel, which has been tried and tested in battle. The GS includes a full wraparound rubber foregrip that offers a secure grip and defence from paint and the elements.

A second feature of the Mini GS is an air On/Off ASA, which solves air tank problems and facilitates easy removal. Our top pick for a paintball gun that performs well and is technologically advanced is the Empire Mini GS. The Mini GS is ideal if you’re searching for a fantastic, cutting-edge paintball field where you can have a blast every time you play!


  • Brand: Empire Paintball
  • Color: Dust Silver / Dust Gold – 2pc Barrel
  • Calibre: 0.68
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 6 x 15 x 15 inches
  • Air Gun Power Type: Compressed Air / HPA / C02
  • Barrel Material: Metal
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Item Package Dimensions: L x W x H‎ 10.63 x 10.55 x 4.02 inches
  • Package Weight: 1.34 Kilograms
  • Suggested Users: ‎Unisex-adult
  • Manufacturer Empire: Paintball


Empire Mini Gs Electronic Paintball Marker.68 Caliber

The Mini GS Paintball Marker from Empire Paintball replaces the venerable Invert Mini!

⦁ A proven Mini performance
⦁ Clamping feed neck
⦁ Hoseless eyes
⦁ Ergonomic design outperform all expectations.

Years of improvement lead to the Mini GS, which enhances the handling and simple maintenance of the already successful design.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning this marker shouldn’t be difficult because disassembling it is so easy. Just take the parts apart, clean them, and then put them back together. The gun should work flawlessly even if you only do a little cleaning.


The manufacturing process guarantees this paintball marker’s durability, as it can easily last five years or longer. Additionally more durable than the majority of markers on the market due to its solid metal frame and high-density plastic components used for its body. Even if they are dropped from a great height or thrown around, these weapons will still work perfectly.

Shooting Precision

This paintball gun’s shooting mechanism may work in any situation, while a ported barrel is one of the many unique features of this paintball gun. As a result, the shoots become quieter and more precise.

A Paintball Marker For Tournaments That Is Battle Proven

⦁ Fully automatic
⦁ Many firing modes (including PSP and Mill)
⦁ Adjustable from 250 to 325 FPS
⦁ Pressure-controlled poppet engine for exceptional performance
⦁ Integrated Break-Beam Anti-Chop Eyes
⦁ Drop-in Redline OLED Boards
⦁ Acceptable Foregrip Venting ASA
⦁ Regulator with On/Off Lever Through-Grip Air Transfer without External Air Hoses NEW Wrap
⦁ Around Foregrip for Protection and Increased Grip
⦁ 2-Piece Micro-Honed, Ported Aluminum Barrel


Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun W/ 2 Piece Barrel Review

The accuracy of this model is well-known, and if you practise and have a lot of paintballs to shoot, you can hit almost everything you aim at. Make certain that the ball’s size is appropriate for a 68-calibre pistol.

The speed adjuster is located behind the receiver. Scan the area for a nearby sphere-shaped indentation. There is an indentation, so you can drill a hole into it and put a remote line adaptor. By playing more efficiently, you’ll be able to fire off more rounds in less time.


This paintball gun is a good selection due to its many distinguishing qualities. Its distinctive shock-absorbing function sets it apart from conventional paintball markers.

A selector switch on the device’s outside makes it simple to convert between the shooting and safety modes. This weapon can be upgraded and modified in several different ways with different accessories.

Paintballing Accessories Of Industry Standard

⦁ Empire Halo Too Loader (20 BPS+)
⦁ Industry Standard 48/3000
⦁ HPA Compressed Air Tank (Shipped Empty)
⦁ Fill Nipple Protector
⦁ Maddog Pro 4+3 Harness
⦁ 4 Standard Paintball Pods

Pro Padded Neck Protector is an upgraded version of the Empire Helix Thermal Anti-Fog Paintball Mask.

  • Paintball Tank Removal Is Made Simpler And Safer With On/off Asa With Bleed
  • The Mini Empire Gs Has A Fresh, Contemporary Design Thanks To The Revised Body Style
  • You No Longer Need A Toolbox Full Of Tools To Completely Disassemble The Rifle For Maintenance—just Two Sizes Of Allen Keys!
  • The Inline Poppet Mechanism Keeps The Recoil Horizontal To Prevent The Cannon From Rising, Which Typically Reduces Accuracy
  • A Compact Design Keeps Your Target Profile Tiny, Making It Difficult To Hit
  • When It’s Time To Pack Up For The Day, Your Loader’s Clamping Feed Neck Keeps It On For Quick And Simple Removal
  • Adjustable Triggers Let You Alter The Trigger Pull To Boost Your Semi-automatic Firing Rate
  • The Hoseless Design Removes The Bothersome Leaks At Connections And Prevents Becoming Tangled In Thick Bushes Or Tree Branches
  • The Gun’s Aluminium Body Keeps It Light And Portable
  • In The Gun, Paintballs Were Bursting
  • Needs A Compressed Air Tank. Utilize No Co2 Tanks
  • The Only Paintball Marker That Is Hpa-capable And Will Void The Warranty Is Co2


This gun is a great initial investment if you’re experimenting with Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun w/ 2 Piece Barrel because it’s affordable. I’ve always preferred guns mostly made of metal and barely any polymer.

On a paintball field, shooting might not be realistic, but it’s still a lot of fun. I was satisfied with the polymer’s quality and felt I got my money’s worth. There aren’t any sights; thus, accuracy won’t be very good (hence the four stars).






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