What Are The Best Features Of A Cheap Paintball Gun

What Are The Best Features Of A Cheap Paintball Gun?

The decision to purchase your first paintball gun is among the most difficult for new paintball players.

If you’ve never played before, you’ll likely want to borrow a gun first to see if you enjoy it before investing money in it. But if you’re prepared to take the plunge and buy your paintball gun, we have the perfect guide.

The fun part starts when you decide to get your first paintball gun. Finding the marker that best fits your playing style and your team’s requirements is part of the enjoyment. But you’ll soon discover that it’s far easier said than done.

Finding the greatest gun can be difficult because of all the acronyms used on spec sheets and the offered features.

For this reason, we’ve made an effort to walk you through the entire procedure so you won’t feel overwhelmed when making your first purchase.

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Types and Features Of Paintball Guns

It’s a good idea to be aware of the type of gun you require or prefer before making a purchase. In terms of paintball markers, there are three primary categories;

  • Mechanical Paintball Gun
  • Electrical Paintball Gun
  • Pump Paintball Gun

Let’s take a closer look at these.

Mechanical Paintball Gun

The most frequent paintball guns on the market right now are mechanical. Their ease of use and maintenance is what makes them so well-liked. As a result, a huge selection is available, ranging from tournament-level markers to guns designed to look like real firearms.

The most typical compressed gas used to power mechanical paintball guns is CO2, while other gases can also be used.

This CO2 is kept in tanks connected to the gun, either by a 12-gram cartridge kept in the grip or a sizable tank connected to a gas line on the marker’s end. One ball can fall into the chamber of these firearms thanks to a gravity-fed hopper.

Electrical Paintball Gun

Electronic paintball weapons combine mechanical and electronic components with improving accuracy and fire rate.

These brand-new, cutting-edge markers can raise any shooter’s level of proficiency.

Electronic weapons were once costly, making them out of reach for many shooters. However, the cost of this kind of marker has significantly decreased as technology has enhanced its development.

Many mechanical markers’ components, particularly the compressed gases, are still used in electronic weapons.

They also have a circuit board, which enables electronic control of these components. These weapons have more shooting modes, including complete auto and three-round bursts, thanks to their electric capability.

Furthermore, some of the more expensive electronic markers will have an onboard display so the shooter can see the gas level in the rifle and the number of rounds fired. Additionally, most electronic markers have hopper agitators that enable better paintball feeding.

Pump Paintball

In the past, pump paintball markers were the only type of paintball gun available. Pump guns quickly became obsolete as technology advanced and shooting markers shifted to a more mechanical kind of shooting.

Pump markers, however, have been coming back during the past few years. The reasons for its resurgence are several.

First, modern pump markers increase the accuracy and precision of the weapons by using the same compressed gases as the other two methods. But that is the extent of their commonalities. Pump guns only function as single-shot weapons.

What Are The Best Features Of A Cheap Paintball Gun

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In light of this, some pump markers now have a new auto-trigger feature. In other words, rather than pumping and pulling the trigger, this function enables the shooter to hold down the trigger and only need to pump to fire another round. It is still a single-shot weapon.

Understandably, you might wonder why someone would desire a single-shot rifle for a paintball game.

The primary responsibilities would be to improve your skills to be effective given the one-round per shot restriction.

The other types of weapons allow you to shoot as quickly as your fingers can move, enabling a rapid rate of fire and more rounds to be fired at the adversary.

Features Of Cheap Paintball Gun


Regarding accuracy and precision, the gun’s barrel is one of the most crucial components. When choosing a firearm, it can also be one of the most complex, particularly when barrel porting, barrel length, and barrel material are considered.


Both the marker’s overall weight and the shot’s accuracy can be impacted by the material used to make the barrel. Depending on the type of gun you choose, different materials will offer a variety of advantages. We’ll briefly go through a handful of the most typical materials.


Since aluminum barrels are among the lightest available, paintball stores are more likely to stock them.

These barrels are frequently the preferred choice for many new players because they are reasonably priced. The biggest disadvantage, though, is that aluminum is a flimsy substance susceptible to unintentional bending.


Ceramic barrels are far more brittle, even if they are almost as lightweight as aluminum.

However, the fact that these barrels are self-cleaning is one reason some shooters like ceramic over other materials. This characteristic means that ceramic barrels will clear out any broken paintballs with the subsequent shot if you have any in your barrel.


Despite being some of the strongest and easiest-to-mill barrels on the market, stainless steel barrels add much weight to the pistol. Stainless steel barrels can withstand any deterioration and yet function as if they were brand-new. However, more people are starting to use stainless steel for just that purpose.

Final Thoughts

Buying a paintball gun is challenging when you have so many options around. To buy a cheap paintball gun, you must watch its construction. So, never compromise on quality and buy the one that could serve you for a longer time.






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