How Much Does A Paintball Gun Cost?

How Much Does A Paintball Gun Cost?

The most affordable markers can run as little as $150, while the most expensive ones can cost up to $2,000. That’s a lot of money, indeed!

If you’re wondering why a marker costs $2000, it’s mainly due to the brand and the quality. In reality, some vendors charge reasonable pricing for midrange markers.

To be precise, mid-range weapons frequently cost between $350 and $800. The price of a brand’s identifiers increases with how well-known it is. However, not all brands fall under this category. If you aren’t a professional player and don’t plan to become one, you will frequently look at this tier of markers.

Some newcomers will choose a mid-range firearm, but this is not advised, mainly if the paintball gun won’t be used frequently.

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What Is The Difference Between Mechanical Or Electric Paintball Markers?

Mechanical guns must be cocked before firing, typically louder than electronic guns. To fire, mechanical guns often require more air pressure in your tank.

A mechanical gun typically requires 600–800 psi of pressure to fire, whereas an electronic cannon may require 200 psi. The two categories differ primarily in 2 ways. Electric markers need a battery to power the circuit board, visual system, and solenoid, while mechanical devices do not require batteries to function.

Both are great to acquire, but if you intend to play casually and don’t need a high rate of fire, choose the mechanical option.

How Much Does A Paintball Gun Cost?

Due to the lack of an electrical component, they are more affordable and, some argue, more dependable.

The Planet Eclipse, GTEK M170R, and EMEK are the two most popular mechanical gun models, which were the first types of weapons produced. Electronic weapons have an infrared eye system and fire faster (between 15 and 22 balls per second).

This mechanism signals the gun to fire when it determines that a paintball is in the proper position for shooting. As a result, you have a clear advantage over mechanical guns because fewer paintballs will be broken during a gun breach.

How Does A Broken Gun Affect You?

Paintball guns will, unfortunately, break. Please find out how much it will cost to fix a gun before you buy one. The air hose on a $30 gun might cost $18 to replace.

You might purchase a pistol that contains components made by various companies rather than being compelled to purchase expensive new parts just from the manufacturer (such as Spyders and Spyder clones).

Furthermore, some firearms are made so that even routine maintenance must be performed by a specialist (or very advanced gun hobbyist). Read the manufacturer’s specifications before buying a gun to find out how difficult it will be to fix it and whether you can do it yourself.

Is It Worth It To Buy an Expensive Paintball Gun?

Paintball guns are not pricey compared to other types of equipment. Purchasing a gun is typically cheaper than replenishing and adding more ammo.

These weapons offer exceptional reliability and long-lasting durability regardless of the retailer. There are many high-quality paintball weapons on the market.

The value of every firearm is directly related to how sought-after it is. I’ve concluded eight key characteristics significantly affect the “desirability mix” of any gun based on more than 40 years of experience in the new and used weapons markets.

What Affects A Gun’s Price?

Here are a few factors that influence its pricing. Numerous elite markers don’t perform as effectively as they should. You should hesitate to invest significantly in a marker that costs you more than $500 if you tend to purchase more expensive markers.

⦁ Build

The quality of your paintball pistol is one of the most critical components in determining its cost. Due to their superior design and build, many professional paintball guns are pricey. After all, expensive materials and designs are associated with excellent quality.

⦁ Technology

Modern paintball guns are more effective due to a variety of innovations.

Some paintball guns include automatic regulators that help them consistently fire paintballs from the air. Some markers have voice-activated robot control panels that let you know which shooting mode you’re in.

⦁ Brand

Should you purchase a paintball gun only because a well-known company manufactures it?

Paintball players frequently face this problem, as do individuals in general. Many people are drawn to well-known and prominent brands, and some ignore their costs. Some people may consider the brand of a marker as the only justification for the price.


Why Is Paintball So Expensive?

The reason paintball is so expensive is that there are so many expenses, including equipment rental, field use, air compressor refilling, and field paint regulations.

However, you can dramatically cut your playing expenses by purchasing your equipment and looking for venues with more affordable prices, all-day air, and no paint limitations.

What Paintball Gun Is The Priciest?

2022’s Top 5 Expensive Paintball Guns

  1. Plata-O-Plomo by Planet Eclipse CS2 LE is available for $1749.94.
  2. Minimi SAW RAP4 249 costs $2500; RAP4 T68 M240 costs $4500.
  3. Breda Machine Gun M37 8mm, priced at $4,999.
  4. Planet Eclipse Ego 9 with Swarovski Crystals, $5001.00.
  5. $6500 Planet Eclipse Chapo GSL.


Investing in a pricey paintball marker makes sense if you’re a professional player or have long loved the game.

A top-tier marker will eventually be necessary because they are the ones who are frequently really dependable, particularly during professional paintball games. Paintball markers cost between $100 and $2000.

A less expensive model will do if you’re starting or don’t intend to play paintball frequently. A $250–$650 paintball marker is the perfect price range if paintball is your new passion.

However, investing in high-end paintball markers makes sense if you plan to play professionally or are an experienced paintball player.






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