Are Paintball Guns Legals In Canada

Are Paintball Guns Legal In Canada

The Canadian government is looking into the prospect of enacting limits on so-called “imitation firearms,” which are unregulated low-velocity weapons that include a variety of items, including paintball guns, pellet guns, and even non-operational replicas.

Low-velocity firearms, replica weapons, or any toy gun that simulates a gun can endanger the public because police frequently mistake them for real weapons and can be used to perpetrate crimes and intimidate bystanders.

Law enforcement has severe concerns about these fake firearms. Police have shot people to death while using these weapons on a number of occasions across Canada.

“The people who own toy guns that resemble real guns may also be at risk.”

CBC News obtained access to the Justice Canada notes and the associated documents under the Access to Information Act in January 2018.

There have been arguments that tighter regulations on these fake weapons might reduce the risks for law enforcement officers trying to interact with the public since they must accept any apparent firearm as accurate until it can be determined later.

Increased controls may also aim to prevent real-looking weapons from falling into the hands of those with mental health issues, as has been repeatedly pushed for in Canada by organizations like the Canadian Medical Association.

Are Paintball Guns Legal In Canada

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Is Purchasing Paintball Weapons Prohibited?

In NSW, a license is required to purchase or own a paintball marker (paintball gun). You are not permitted to use the paintball marker anywhere else than an authorized location.

In Canada, Which Paintball Weapons Are Prohibited?

Due to how Bill C-21 is written, all assault-style rifles—including airsoft and paintball guns made to appear like them—will be prohibited if it becomes law. Simply put, Falk thinks that when it comes to this measure, the Liberals do not have the interests of all Canadians in mind.

If a person is above 18 and does not have a criminal record, they are legally allowed to own a paintball marker. Paintball markers are typically regarded as a form of airgun rather than a firearm.

Pump paintball guns, mechanical paintball guns, and electronic paintball guns are the three primary types of modern paintball weapons. The perfect paintball pistol is out there for you, no matter your spending limit or preferred playing style! The widest range of paintball weapons in Canada is something we are delighted to provide as Premium Paintball Products.

Under federal gun control legislation in Canada, prospective gun buyers must undergo a screening process and obtain a license. Each firearm, including pistols and rifles, must have its specific registration from the owner. 

Regulations for storage stipulate that a firearm must be kept empty, locked (either in a lockable container or with a trigger lock), and separate from its ammo. Since the late 1970s, handgun registration laws have been in effect. More current legislation, which was brought in during the 1990s, also includes registration laws for long firearms like rifles and shotguns.

Which Paintball Pistol Is Ideal For Children?

The marker’s components may need to be replaced because they aren’t particularly resilient. The JT SplatMaster z18.50 Cal Paintball Marker, a wonderful low-impact and entertaining shotgun for youngsters to play with in the backyard or for beginning players, is one of the best pump paintball gun options.

The primary piece of gear used in paintball is a paintball gun, commonly referred to as a marker. Paintballs are fired into the barrel of paintball guns using an expanding gas, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or compressed air.

Estimates of the number of firearms owned by Canadians in their homes range from 21% to 34%, while a recent survey revealed a lower rate of 17%. (3–6). The percentage of residents who own firearms varies greatly per province, from 15% in Ontario to 67% in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Only 12% of Canadian gun owners have handguns; most have rifles or shotguns (7). 

Are Paintball Guns Legals In Canada

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A significant positive link was discovered between provincial rates of home ownership of firearms and death rates from unintentional firearm injuries by Gabor et al. (8). They analyzed mortality from an unintentional firearm injury in Canada.

Although modern pump paintball markers still have simple construction, the weapon’s simplicity makes it so remarkably dependable. Pump paintball markers are what you want for quick play and movement, ranging from about 80–100 feet.

However, in a role-playing scenario and a simulated “real-life” situation, children who received the Eddie the Eagle program performed no better than children in the control group in terms of engaging in the targeted gun safety behavior (e.g., Don’t touch! Run, tell an adult right away. 

Even while the kids who participated in the authors’ program performed better in role-playing and verbalizing the safety message than the kids in the control group, they did not significantly outperform the control group in the environment designed to resemble real-life conditions.

What’s A Paintball Gun Typically Cost?

In general, there is a wide range in paintball gun prices. They can be purchased for as little as $100 and as much as $10,000. The accessories you need to keep using your paintball gun regularly are what add up in price, not the gun itself. Between $100 and $200 will buy you a halfway competent paintball gun.

Federal gun control laws only apply to guns in Canada whose bullets fire at a velocity greater than 152 m/s. Most air guns have projectile speeds below 152 m/s, making them exempt from federal gun control legislation. 

Additionally, they are not covered by the Hazardous Products Act. Laws in some provinces and municipalities govern non-powder firearms. For instance, the province of Ontario requires that buyers of air guns and BB gun ammunition be at least 18 years old, and the municipality of Halifax, Nova Scotia, forbids the discharge of this kind of firearm inside the municipality.

Editorial Thoughts

Including airsoft firearms under the replica ban effectively criminalizes the activity, and he wants to see the sector campaign for full legalization.

Before [the government] took this action, there was no industry consultation. “Airsoft toys do not endanger people’s safety. They allow you to play with your pals without endangering them. All Canada’s airsoft shops are small businesses, so they cannot withstand such attacks.”

Airsoft organizations throughout the nation have begun online petitions requesting that Bill C-21 not include airsoft weapons.






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